Dana Winder

Landscape Paintings 

 Dana Winder is a contemporary landscape painter. She paints landscapes and plants in representational and semi abstract styles. Much of her work is painted outdoors on location en plein air. near her home in south Kerry. Her inspiration comes from the natural environment it's landscape and flora. In particular she likes to paint unspoilt wild natural places. Born in Ireland her work focuses on it's  distinctive scenery especially that of county Kerry where she now lives Her paintings depict all types of scenes from mountains, hills, bogs and seascapes, to trees, plants and gardens. These paintings are a vivid and delicate portrayal of the Irish landscape.  Particularly interested in colour she paints the changing tones and hues of the countryside through the seasons. Painting outdoors while looking at the subject matter enables her to accurately capture these colours. Her oil paintings of plants and trees in wonderful shades of green and autumn landscapes in rich ochres and reds along with the magical purples and browns of winter scenes are a testament to this.

She is a self taught painter. Having painted from childhood using mostly water-based paints she began working with oil paints in her early twenties. Initially she painted with oil paint sticks which is something of a transition between drawing and painting. She then began to paint using oils and brushes. In these early oil paintings she tended to apply the paint thinly often using thinners which gave these works a distinctive soft look. This Derrynane landscape and Trees with Fern painting are examples of this.











 Dana commonly prepares her own canvases and uses both  linen and cotton. Linen differs from cotton canvas in having a stronger grain and is a darker fabric. In many of her works she paints on linen which she has primed using transparent primers to retain the natural tones of the fabric. This often gives the paintings a very natural earthy look that contrasts well with the effect of palette knife. Leaving areas of the linen bare she creates an impression of the images appearing to emerge from the canvas. This distinctive feature of her work can be seen in many of her plein air landscapes.



She likes to paint using both palette knives and brushes. With palette knives

she builds up textured impasto style areas of the canvas which contrast against flatter areas of colour created with brushwork.

These Kerry garden and landscape paintings are on display in the Purcell Gallery Kenmare and her Studio at Castlecove, Co Kerry. 


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Contact:  Dana Winder, Behaghane, Castlecove, Co. Kerry, Ireland.  Mobile: +353 877712942