Dana Winder

Oil Paintings Ireland

 Dana Winder is a contemporary Irish painter working largely in oils on canvas. Born in Dublin she moved to Kerry in 2001 and has spend time in many parts of Ireland painting. Dana takes inspiration from the natural landscape it's gardens plants and trees. Her paintings show scenes from the unique landscape and flora of Co. Kerry. Rugged mountains and hills with purple rock, bogs, landscapes with native birch, oak, ash and willow trees, wild Atlantic seascapes, beaches and skies all feature in these works. These paintings are a vivid and delicate portrayal of the Irish landscape. Colour is a strong driving force in her work and she likes to paint outdoors to accurately capture the all the tones and hues of what she paints. This wonderful sense of colour can be seen in the subtle shades of green in trees and landscapes.  In the rich and muted ochre of hills and fields and in the crisp purples and browns of winter scenes.  Local scenes from near her home are of particular interest to the artist. Generally painted plein air (on location) these landscapes, garden and tree paintings have a sense of the atmosphere and mood of the scene.

She also has a love of pattern and over time it has become increasingly important in her work. Patterns and simple forms being the building blocks to more complex forms and shapes. She works in oils using brushes and palette knives. 

Many of these landscape paintings she has painted on linen which she has primed using transparent primers to retain the natural tones of the fabric. This often gives the paintings a very natural earthy look that contrasts well with the effect of palette knife. Leaving areas of the linen bare she creates an impression of the images appearing to emerge from the canvas. This distinctive feature of her work can be seen in many of her large plein air landscapes.

Dana's Kerry garden and landscape paintings are on display in the Purcell Gallery Kenmare, Mermaid Gallery Co Kilkenny and her Studio at Castlecove. 

A self taught painter she studied History of Art and has been influenced by traditional and contemporary artists alike.

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Contact:  Dana Winder, Behaghane, Castlecove, Co. Kerry, Ireland.  Mobile: +353 877712942