Garden landscape painting of a lily pond
Garden painting of a lily Pond in Kerry
Kerry Garden Painting
Blue butterflies
garden painting of blue bell flowers
A Garden painting showing Kerry countryside with wildflowers in foreground a row of trees in the bac
A garden painting of reflections in a lily pond
Derrynane Gardens with bluebells in flower
A garden painting of a flower bed painted in oil on canvas
Irish garden in late summer

Garden Landscape Paintings

  Garden landscape paintings painted in oil on canvas by artist Dana Winder. These works are impressionistic representations of gardens and plants. Painted en plein-air (outdoors on location) to capture the colours and something of the mood of the scene. These art works show a marvellous range of colour that can be both subtle and vivid. A sensitive  use of colour being a hallmark of her paintings. Patterns and simple forms are also important in these painting compositions. Plants and objects in the natural world being simplified to their essentials by abstract forms, shapes and colours. Many of these garden oil paintings have been painted on linen and areas of the linen have been left blank creating an effect of the paintings  emerging from the canvas. She uses palette knife and brushes and often allows the natural tone of the linen and canvas to to come through her paintings. Featured in these works are Derrynane Gardens, the artist's own Kerry garden and other scenes from southwest Ireland.