Garden Paintings

Garden painting of a lily pond
Garden painting of a lily Pond in Kerry
Kerry Garden Painting
oil painting of blackberry blossom
Blackberry flowers painted in oil on canvas
Blue butterflies
garden painting of blue bell flowers
A Garden painting showing Kerry countryside with wildflowers in foreground a row of trees in the bac
A garden painting of reflections in a lily pond
Derrynane Gardens, Caherdaniel, Ring of
A garden painting of a flower bed painted in oil on canvas
Irish garden in late summer

These wonderfully colourful garden paintings are mostly inspired by in the artists Kerry garden. They feature a lily pond, pear trees, willow trees, blackberry brambles and Kerry wildflowers. Also featured in these works are Derrynane Gardens, Caherdaniel, at the tip of southwest Ireland which has a semi tropical climate and is home to a range of South American plants and tree ferns. The artist likes to paint plein air outdoors on location to capture the colors and something of the mood of the scene.  This gives her work a marvelous range of color that can be both subtle and vivid. Many of these garden oil paintings have been painted on linen and areas of the linen have been left blank creating an effect of the paintings  emerging from the canvas.