Landscape Paintings

Landscape painting of the Kerry coast of Ireland. A scene of bog, rock and sea are set against a bea
Landscape painting coast of Ireland
An Irish landscape painting of Derrynane Co Kerry in summer.
kerry landscape painting| coastline
A landscape painting of the Atlantic coast of Ireland
Oil painting of Derrynane sand flats
Contemporary landscape painting of Ireland. The view is of a rocky shore along Kenmare Bay.
Barfinihy Lake Killarney Co. Kerry
Oil painting of hills and fields of Kerry, Ireland
An Irish landscape painting of Kerry Hills in Snow
Landscape of Ireland in oil on canvas
Lakes of Killarney at evening
Oil painting of country lane Ireland
Irish landscape painting of the beach at White Strand Kerry

Dana Winder's contemporary landscape paintings depict scenes from Ireland's countryside in particular Co Kerry on the southwest coast where the artist lives. Mostly painted outdoors on location ( plein air ) these oil paintings capture changes in the landscape through the seasons.  Some of the places represented in these works include Derrynane with it's wonderful beaches and gardens; Westcove harbour where sea meets bog: the rocky shore of Reen beach; Killarney lakes and National Park; the powerful Coomakiste Pass and the hills of Behaghane on the Kerry Way walking route.










Painted in oil on linen canvas using brush and palette knife. In some of these paintings areas of the linen have been left exposed creating the effect of the images emerge from canvas. This approach of leaving parts of the painting left unfinished is quite unique and characteristic of the artist's style.

​Dana's oil paintings pay tribute to the beauty of the Irish landscape with a delicate handling of oil paint and a sensitive use of colour.

Irish landscape painting of the Lakes of Killarney Co Kerry
Landscape painting of Ireland painted in oil on canvas
Landscape of Kerry Ireland. An Irish landscape painting in oil on canvas showing a coastal scene with turqouise sea boggy coast and a blue summer sky.
A landscape painting of an Irish cottage hidden among trees in the hills of Kerry