Tree Paintings

 These tree paintings are mainly of native Irish tree species ash, birch, oak, willow and hazel. Living in the Irish countryside she is witness to wondrous changes they undergo Beech trees in autumn and oak trees in winter were painted here. Most of the recent works were painted in the artists Kerry garden or in nearby locations and are of birch trees or willows which are so common in Kerry. Generally painting native trees these works have an essentially Irish feel to them. The focus is on tree structure, branching habits, leaf pattern and color. A progression of style can be seen in these paintings from a lighter brushwork of early works to a generally heavier application of paint often using palette knife in later works. Painted through the seasons the hallmark of these tree paintings is a beautifully rich and subtle use of color with a palette of soft spring greens, deep summer green shades to the rich reds and ocher of autumn.

Willow tree painting

Oil painting of willow tree, painted in summer greens and blue by Irish artist Dana Winder